Beaming Baby Chemical Free Organic Cotton Sleepsuit (18-24 Months)

Beaming Baby Chemical Free Organic Cotton Sleepsuit (18-24 Months)
Beaming Baby Chemical Free Organic Cotton Sleepsuit (18-24 Months) Beaming Baby Chemical Free Organic Cotton Sleepsuit (18-24 Months) (haga click en la imagen para verla más grande)

Beaming Baby Chemical Free Organic Cotton Sleepsuit (18-24 Months)

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Estamos orgullosos de poder presentar este brillante producto: Beaming Baby Chemical Free Organic Cotton Sleepsuit (18-24 Months).
Con su atractivo precio, esta siendo bastante sugerida la adquisición y es una alternativa habitual de mucha gente. Beaming Baby ha introducido grandes cambios a este artículo y esto lleva a una excelente relación precio-calidad.

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WHAT IS THE SECRET TO AVOIDING SCRATCHY SKIN FOR MY BABY? "Although he can't speak, when my little baby screws up his face and wriggles awkwardly, I know there's something wrong." Last year, when my baby was just 6 months old, Charlie, Founder of Beaming Baby asked me to find out why so many babies suffer from Scratchy Skin. I wanted to do the research, because this is something very close to my heart. I'm Lucy, Beaming Baby's New Product Specialist. I WAS AMAZED AT WHAT I DISCOVERED! Formaldehyde is used in science labs - why is it used on standard baby clothes? Formaldehyde is one of the cocktail of chemicals used to "finish" Standard Baby Clothes, to stop them wrinkling and to add an articifial crispness. Rajana Katta MD, Associate Professor of Dermatology advised me to "seek out garments labelled Chemical Free". Harsh chemicals are used in most Baby Clothes, companies use chemicals like Formaldehyde, Azo Dyes, Dioxin, Bromines, Urea Resins and Sulfonamides on your baby's clothes. The only way to be certain that You are Giving Your Baby the Healthiest Start to Life, is to find clothes marked with a "Chemical Free" label. AM I ALONE? With High Street names using Harsh Chemicals in their Baby Clothes, it comes as no surprise that Baby Sensitive Skin Problems have increased in the UK by 500% in the last 50 years. (Dermatology IS 2012). Babies in the UK currently suffer from sensitive skin problems an average of one week in every month. Beaming Baby CLOTHES ARE CERTIFIED "CHEMICAL FREE". You can be certain that there are no Chemicals on Beaming Baby Clothes. We employ a Certification Group called 'GOTS'. They regularly carry out a thorough inspection of our premises, people and processes to check that everything is being done correctly and with NO HARSH CHEMICALS. Made from 100% Certified Organic Cotton. Kinder to the planet and so much nicer for sensitive skin and eczema.

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100% organic cotton, 100% chemical free & 100% biodegradable packaging GOTS certified - (Global Organic Textile Standard) Nickel free poppers - to avoid allergies Machine washable at 40°, do not tumble dry Naturally shrinks to correct size after first wash